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FitWoody AI

Daily AI guidance to achieve all your goals

FitWoody's AI analyzes your data to provide daily personalized guidance, adjusting movement goals based on recovery, energy levels and past performance.

Encouraging Activity  Without Overwhelm

FitWoody lets you pause streaks if you need rest or are injured. It also auto-pauses if it detects you're unwell, allowing you to continue your progress without losing streaks due to health issues.

FitWoody works in Apple Watch

Unlock Your Wrist Fitness Insights

Track workouts with mirrored iPhone visuals, view live metrics, analyze sleep/recovery, and let your evolving Woody buddy motivate you based on personalized data.


Your daily life
on your screen

Home screen widgets provide real-time tracking of your movement, sleep, and metabolic health for continuous motivation.

Right to your phone

Workout mirroring

With Live Activities and mirroring of your workouts on the iPhone

Daily movement diary

Analyze the past... be better in the future. Review your daily movement to understand how your body works.


We celebrate the small victories

Because no achievement is small and no battle is insignificant

Changelog & Roadmap

FitWoody's changelog & roadmap help us learn from the past to improve the future. Curious about what's coming? Check our roadmap - the best spot to explore exciting new features!

FitWoody works with Apple Health

Your Data,
None of Our Business

FitWoody has been designed to respect your privacy. All the information you save in the app belongs to you. We cannot access it and we don’t sell it to third parties.